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Keeping up with your New Year’s Resolution!

‘New Year, New Me?’ 2020 is all about ”New Year, Old  me & Ready to take over the world!”  9 days into the Mega 2020 and we all are pumped and excited more than ever to be the best versions of ours selves this year. 2020 sounds super inspiring and the start of a new year is a natural time to look forward – to think about what matters most to us, identify what we want to focus on, and set goals or intentions for the new year. Whether you have a set of New Year’s resolutions or you are going with the flow, everyone has tiny goals to focus on.


Whether you plan on making healthy choices in life, Saving more money this year or doing that one thing in life that truly resonates with what your really want, the key is to stay positive and remove any self doubts. You certainly won’t be alone. We all are in the same boat, trying to find the best in life, working towards what we truly love and finding the right balance of things. It’s important not to just have that goal, but have a plan of action with simple steps. Start with the foundation, the baby steps and it all will fall into place.

1.    Be Realistic

Start small and have realistic goal. Set plan of what to do step by step to achieve your goals. Don’t set yourself the target of running a marathon in a month’s time if running is something new to you. Keep yourself motivated by setting an attainable goal – such as completing a 5k park run. If you plan on learning a new skill, take out time every day just for that. Even if its 20 minutes, or 30. But keep that pace every day and be consistent.


2. Create Short Term Goals

Whatever your main goal is, split this into a few smaller goals that you can achieve along the way. If you plan on focusing more on being fit and  healthy, focus on the basic steps. Plan your daily meals, Drink more water. If you plan on jogging in the morning at 6am, make sure you sleep early and on time. Break your goal into a series of steps, focusing on creating sub-goals that are concrete, measurable, and time-based.  For example, instead of thinking ‘I want to find a new job’ focus on creating smaller, measurable goals such as making contact with twenty recruiters per week.


It’s the little things that count. Short terms goals will keep you motivated, and keep you on track to achieving your New Year’s resolution!

3. Track Your Progress

Keep track of your training and note down whenever you hit a small term goal, Writing things down helps a lot. This will then show exactly how far you’ve come!


4. Reward Yourself

If you manage to complete one of your short-term goals, then reward yourself! Keep your reward in line with your goal, such as treating yourself to some new hiking kit, running trainers or even a spa day.

5. Make It Social

Don’t keep your resolution a secret; let your friends and family know! They’ll be able to support you throughout your journey and you’ll be more likely to keep on going.

Even better – Get your friends involved! Even if they don’t want to take part in the fitness challenge itself, they could join you on a few training sessions, helping to keep you motivated!

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. Don’t look how far you have to go, but how far you have come. Learn to appreciate yourself. It’s you all along that has achieved so much.


Expect to revert to your old habits from time to time. Treat any failure as a temporary set-back rather than a reason to give up altogether.  Remember that everyone messes up from time to time. Don’t blame yourself if you falter, or allow the experience to make you give up. You are doing great so far! Whatever your dream life looks life; this is the time to start working for it. Let’s make 2020 the best year ever!

Once you start something you create momentum. It is this that helps to drive you forward to complete your goal.


So once you have a goal in mind, do something towards it. Even if it is something small that you do, you’ve started and you’ve got momentum. Happy New Year!


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