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Keeping up with your Quarantine Fitness


The Global Pandemic, Coronavirus has bought uncertain times for everyone. With everyone being in lockdown, it’s important to stay indoors and keep busy. To keep your mind and body busy, keeping active will help you feel better and  stay fit.

Along with the physical health benefits, workouts keep our mind and body active. Exercise keeps the mind off the distressing news.This is the perfect time to indulge in home workouts and keep that active body going.

Squeeze in a 30 minute workout every day and gradually increase it to an hours time and our bodies will see a difference. Wonderful workouts around the world are now being accessed virtually and we have compiled four amazing workout programs that are now being streamed live for FREE for us.

1.Time Out London x DIGME Fitness

Timeout London recently teamed up with some wonderful workout platforms streaming yoga, pilates and HIIT sessions. One of them is DIGME Fitness.

at home monthly tracker

DIGME Fitness is a workout platform that is currently offering Free virtual yoga classes and HIIT classes everyday on their social media platforms. Every day, for 30 minutes, they Live Stream their workouts on Instagram LIVE and posted on IGTV to be watched later. They have are current weekly workout challenge going on known as #KeepDigging. If you want to access their workout sessions for later, they are posted on their IGTV to be viewed for later.Visit their Instagram to know more https://www.instagram.com/digmefitness/?hl=



CorePower Yoga is a US based Gym which is now offering some wonderful Yoga sessions, free of cost, which are available to stream for free. From a selection of wellness and exercise classes, CorePower Yoga’s live classes are not only fun but also, super effective. The best part is these classes vary from medications to sculpt, C1 and yoga. Every day they stream classes on their YouTube channel at 2pm GMT and 7pm GMT. Visit their website to know more: Website https://www.corepoweryogaondemand.com/keep-up-your-practice  Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/CorePowerYoga

3. Secret London x PSYCLE

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 12.34.34 PM

Secret London has recently collaborated with PSYCLE to bring us the best fitness routine virtually. They now offer free, live streamed home workouts that can easily be done form any corner of your home. Simple workouts that are built to make us use our body weights, this requires no external equipment or anything. Just you and your will power. The Classes are live streamed on their IGTV which focus on strengthening and toning a different body part every time. Visit their  Instagram platform to know more https://www.instagram.com/secret.london/?hl=en

4. P.volve Fitness


A US based fitness Program P.volve is now offering Free live workouts to stream worldwide via their Instagram Live. It’s is a great option for those looking to kick-start a new fitness grind. The app allows you to customize a routine that is perfect for your body. The classes vary from sweat, stretch and burn as the main focus. To access their classes later, they will be available on their youtube channel at, 5 pm sweat and burn class, 10pm toning class and 12pm with a wakeup stretch class. Visit their Instagram platform to know more: https://www.instagram.com/pvolve/

While we are in Isolations, let’s take this time to our best use Let’s make this social Distancing more like Social Fitness-ing.

Start small with a short workout and increase this gradually. While we adapt to the current situation, it’s important our body also adapts to new ways to staying fit and these wonderful workouts are there for you to stream them for FREE and keep your fitness journey alive.


This post was created as part of a Quarantine Inspiration series withBloggers Inspired.

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