Brand Review

Marbonne Teeth Whitening Strips – Say Hello to your Hollywood Smile!


We all want to Smile with our perfect White teeth, that could leave a good impression on the person we’re smiling at, don’t we? Since the longest time, i was meaning to get my Teeth that whiter and lighter look and i was SO confused was exactly to opt for, what to do. Drinking a LOT of coffee and Tea gradually gave my teeth that Yellowish, stained look which was not at all pleasant.(Who likes that?!)

I really wanted to get a Safe, Convenient and time saving Solution and i definitely got lucky. A few weeks back i got my hand on a Teeth whitening brand called -”Marbonne- Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Strips” and gave it a try!


This has got to be the easiest and by far a rewarding experience at Home for me. It is a 14-day treatment. This Package has 28 packets in it, with 2 strips in each. The convincing feature of these strips were that these are Non-Peroxide. Giving no enamel damage, gum or teeth sensitivity which was a big plus for me try these! It’s advanced whitening formula removes the stubborn stains from the teeth and helps in giving a shade up to 10 times whiter.

Soft Strips for the Upper and lower layer of the Teeth

From the first use, i could see a slight difference, but regularly used it till 10 days t see if it was really working. To my surprise it did.


The best thing about this treatment is that, these strips allow you to apply them from the convenience of your own home. Wherever you are, just pop them on, and leave it for 30 minutes. Whether you’re ding your Makeup, getting ready for work, cooking just stick them on nicely and wait.


I usually stick them nice and firmly by using the help of my fingers so there is no space left between the Marbonne strips and the teeth. Once the 30 minutes are over, just peel off the soft strip from your teeth, and rinse your mouth to remove an residue that might be left.These Strips can either be used twice a day or once, giving you a 14 or 7 day treatment programme respectively.

I am literally flaunting my smile and teeth now with so much confidence now, it’s time you should too.You can easily purchase these strips here :  and get your super easy, Hollywood smile Now!




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